1. The ticket is valid for a one-off entry to Liget Club.
  2. Using the cloakroom is compulsory.
  3. The cloakroom ticket is valid for a one-off checking.
  4. In case of loss of the cloakroom ticket, we can only give you your valuables after hours.
  5. On the territory of the club, there is a security camera system at work for your safe entertainment.
  6. Taking pictures and recording videos are only allowed with special permission on the territory of the club!
  7. People who are under 18 years of age cannot visit the club.
  8. Any alcoholic or light beverages which were bought elsewhere are forbidden on the territory of the club.
  9. It is not allowed to enter the territory of the club in a state of dizziness and drunkenness and in inappropriate outfit.
  10. It is forbidden to bring any guns, armory, knives, punching/cutting tools or any dangerous objects for the public order and safety into the territory of the club.
  11. In case of an offence or crime on and around the territory of the club, the head of the security service may ask for police investigation against the concerned person(s).
  12. On the territory of the club, there might be videos and photos taken at any time.
  13. None of the participants who appear in these videos and photos can be named without their permission. However, no claims whatsoever can be made against the makers of the recording or the organizers of the event.
  14. Based on the above mentioned rules, the security service reserves the right of admission.

Based on the Nr. 23/2011. III.8 government regulation you can download the safety plan of Liget Club here.

Thank you for your kind understanding! Wishing you a pleasant and unforgettable entertainment,

the Organizers