The dress code determines what kind of outfit is appropriate at our club. With this code Liget Club aims to entertain the guests in prestigious environment and in choosy company. The purpose of the regulation is not to define what clothes to wear, it’s only a guideline about the acceptable standards.

In order to avoid any inconveniences, we suggest not to wear a sporty outfit. However naturally, we accept training shoes but only if they are clean, groomed and nice.

For Gentlemen, we recommend a pair of jeans with a shirt or a T-shirt. During the summer season, instead of the longer jeans, we accept shorts, but not swimming suits or surfing trousers. As a footwear we suggest closed shoes, we can’t let anyone in, who is wearing slippers.

For Ladies, we advise mini or maxidress or a pair of elegant trousers with a top.

In case, if you need any visuals about what we thought, we encourage you to view our partyphotos in the Media section.

Thank you for your kind understanding!