DJ Antonyo’s career began in 1998 and his first album called ‘Cafe del Rio Summer 2004’ was published six years later. He starts working as a radioman at the same time at one of Budapest’s radio stations. In 2005 he became a prestenter of the ‘Disco*s Hit’ called radio show at Radio1, the most popular radio station of Hungary. He known as one of the top Hungarian disc jockeys by the year of 2007. He’s the resindent of the highest qualitied clubs year by year and became a regular member of the Hungarian club life. He sets up an own record label called ‘B-Sensual’ with Attila Barany and the Flamemakers in 2008. In 2010 he starts working as an independent music producer with Anderas as ‘A&A Production’ (Antonyo& Andreas).